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Humane Society of Wayne County's Cats & Kittens Available for Adoption at

  Webster, Victor, and Henrietta PetSmarts

The Humane Society of Wayne County has Cats Available for Adoption at three Satellite Locations, as well as the Shelter.   The cats in the Satellite locations are housed there 24/7.
 Please call ahead when traveling long distances as adoptions occur real time. Also, double check the hours the centers are open (they vary depending on the location).
  All kittens and cats are spay/neutered, been vetted and have age appropriate vaccinations.  Free vet visit with adoption.   
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Cats at Webster PetSmart
 Info and photos provided by Webster Volunteers and Shelter Staff    Hours - Webster  
Pet descriptions are based on personal opinions of volunteers and are not meant to be warranties or guarantees of any kind. Adopters must draw their own conclusions. 
Cats at Victor  PetSmart 
     Thanks to Volunteer  Lynne for Descriptions and Photos of Victor cats   Hours - Victor 
 Pet descriptions are based on personal opinions of volunteers   and are not meant to be warranties or guarantees of any kind. Adopters must draw their own conclusions. 
Cats at  Henrietta PetSmart
  Thanks to Volunteers Bette and Jim for Info on Pets
and Cathy Raker for Photos   Hours - Henrietta
 Pet descriptions are based on personal opinions of volunteers   and are not meant to be warranties or guarantees of any kind. Adopters must draw their own conclusions.
Update 2/16/2020:

New arrivals on 2/15:   Peyton and Bugs

Peyton - 1 year old female, dark grey and white.  I love her, sweet, plush fur, plays   PENDING

Bugs - 4 year old female, brown tiger, short haired, people moved.  More info as I meet her

Maxx: 12 year old tan/brown longhair cat, male; His folks couldn't care for him any longer. They had him his entire life. So, indeed, poor Maxx looks a bit like a sad sack. Top photo - his ears are flat - watching other cats.  But he loved the treats and wet and dry food we gave him and also liked one of my potato chips.  We are working on is fur (he has some matts).  He is a gentle guy but doesn't like other cats (not sure he every saw one before). He does enjoy people attention a lot.  He is missing most of his teeth, but the remaining ones were polished.  He has a short tail, we don't know if that was genetic or something else.  I started swinging a wand/string toy and he started to play with me.  Best home is not other pets and a lot of love the TLC.  His paperwork says he is Siamese, but I need to check that.  His coloring is Siamese, but he has long hair.  Going to check with shelter. 
Sheba - Sheba is a 2 year old, black female.  Her folks had a baby and couldn't keep her. Quite nervous right now - big change in her life.
Molly - 6 month old female; gray and white; Molly is the one in the lower part of the picture above.  Not the greatest picture, but these are adorable kittens.  Slightly shy, will need a quieter home, but I picked them up easily with no scratching or problem.  It's only their first day here (1/30).  Born to a stray - had other siblings. PENDING
Monday - 6 month old male, gray tabby and white; This is Molly's brother, Monday.  Wonderful patterns on his fur.  Such a sweet boy! 
Gabby -
1.5 year old buff female (orange females are rarer). Very pretty girl, paperwork says dogs ok.   She does not seem to keen on the cats in the adoption center.  My opinion is that she might be best as a single pet.  She is quite vocal and very beautiful.  She growls when playing with a stick/string toy.  Feisty girl, loves to be loved.  Needs to put on a little weight I think.   ADOPTED

Update  2/14/2020:  

We would prefer they be adopted together.  These two are very bonded.

Cinnamon: 4 month old female, black, sibling to Spice. 
Spice: 4 month old female, black, Cinnamon's sister.
Drew: 7 month old brown tiger, male, brother to Stu.  (Note, photo above is of Stu who got adopted in Webster, but Drew looks just like him).  Head volunteer Andi says he is the sweetest cat, purrs, loves being held - a wonderful cat. 
Bethany - 2 year old female, white and brown tiger; Beth is a young Mom and ready to begin her life with her forever home.  Volunteer Andi says:  Very active and assertive kitty.  Her person needs to enjoy a cat who is full of life and antics.  Not a couch potato cat. 
Neagan -
8 months old, black and white, male, fun cat.  Neagan came from a tough situation and sure would like a great home.  PENDING
Sabrina -
2 year old black female.  She was found pregnant and abandoned by her people.  She is not too keen on other felines, but likes People a lot.  Will make eye contact with you with her lovely green eyes.  Very sweet, loves to be pet.  She is will probably become a lap cat.

Update   2/15/2020

New Arrivals 2/14/20:  Clover, Pearl Sox
Clover - male, 13 wks, brown tiger – “too many cats”- affectionate, playful
Pearl – female, 2 yrs., black/white – “too many cats” – friendly, quiet.
Sox – male, 1.5 yrs., black/white – “allergies” – affectionate, friendly, playful.
Snowball – female, 7.5 mos. old, white/grey – “stray” – friendly, playful, quiet, sweet. PENDING
Gail – female, 2.5 yrs., brown tiger – “moving” – affectionate, friendly, playful.
Felicity – female, 3 yrs., black/white – “moving” – friendly, nervous in new surroundings.

Finn – male, 3 yrs., black/white – “moving” – friendly, nervous in new surroundings.
Beatrice – female, 2 yrs. old, brown tiger – “abandoned” – friendly; she’s a little nervous still but not scared like she was last week. Beatrice needs to be the only animal in a household with a very patient, experience cat person.  She needs time to acclimate to surroundings and people  ADOPTED - CONGRATULATIONS TO BEATRICE - SHE WAITED A LONG TIME!!!!!!
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