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Cats & Kittens Available for Adoption at Webster, Victor, and Henrietta PetSmart Stores

The Humane Society of Wayne County has Cats Available for Adoption at three Satellite Locations, as well as the Shelter.   The cats in the Satellite locations are housed there 24/7.   Visit the Cat Room  in Lyons    Please call ahead when traveling long distances as adoptions occur real time. Also, double check the hours the centers are open (they vary depending on the location).
  All kittens and cats are spay/neutered, been vetted and have age appropriate vaccinations.  Free vet visit with adoption.   You get to sit either in the shelter's cat room
 (dozens of cats) or in the stores, where you  sit among a group of cats in order  to select the right match. 
Volunteers match cats to families!
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Cats at Webster PetSmart
 Info and photos  provided by Webster Volunteers and Shelter Staff
  Hours - Webster
Cats at Victor  PetSmart 
  Hours - Victor      Thanks to Volunteer  Lynne for Descriptions and Photos of Victor cats
Updated 12/11:  New cats below arriving on 12/12 - Midday. More info and photos to come.

Ridley: 5 month old orange/white male:
Stitch: 4 year old torti tiger female; Eligible for the shelter's Adult Companion Program.
Button: 14 week old black tiger male
Oliver: 14 week old black male

: 4 year old black/white male; Eligible for the
shelter's Adult Companion Program    Dwight is definitely a general!  Handsome, looks like Tom Selleck from Magnum.  Likes to play with toys.  He is gentle with the other cats and is a wee bit shy.  What a Man's Man!

Spotty  7 month female, slightly shy.  Her brother, Blackjack got adopted and she has made friends with the other cats here.  Still a bit wary about being grabbed suddenly.  All the volunteers love her and are working with her fears.  We hate the "boy's" name Spotty and hope she gets a more feminine  name soon. 
Sonny: 13 year old male, long hair, buff colored; Eligible for the shelter's Adult Companion Program    Sonny came from the same household as Molly.  Sonny did not have the best of care; now he has clean teeth and amazingly at his age likes to play with string toys.  He needs to add weight and be brushed routinely.  A wonderful cat.  Update:  What a cat.  He is gaining weight and is a lover boy for sure.   Sonny and Molly came in together, but do not have to be together.  

Updated 12/7:

Chester Cheeta - This two year old handsome boy is a little shy but enjoys long pets and head rubs.  He is gentle and might do best in a calm household. 
Olivia - This 12 year old green eyed lady was left behind when her owners moved.  She is friendly, affectionate and vocal.  She likes to be held, and petted.   Eligible for the shelter's Adult Companion Program.  PENDING
5 month old black female.  Curious and friendly. Likes to pal around with the other cats.
KeeKee -
6 month old girl.  Shy and gentle spirit needs time to trust people but enjoy a head and chin rubs and rewards with rumbly purrs.   APPROVED
Lexi - 2 year old girl.  Lovely Lexie.  Spunky, Smart, fine with other cats and people.   Poor Lexi, she is always the bridesmaid, competing against all the little kittens.  This time of the year kittens and much older cats get adopted, while adolescents seem to fall though the cracks.

Updated 12/9:

Jay – male, can’t remember age, sorry – playful, friendly.

Allie – female, 12 years old, black/grey tiger – very sweet, affectionate. Eligible for the shelter's Adult Companion Program.
Mimi – female, 4 years old, calico – **ADOPTED, going home Sat. 12/9.
Trinity – female, 4 years old, black medium hair – “unable to keep” – affectionate, playful, petite, quiet. Eligible for the shelter's Adult Companion Program.
 Tom – male, 7 years old, buff – “transfer from RAS” – big, handsome boy, affectionate, friendly.Eligible for the shelter's Adult Companion Program.
Pinky – male, 3 years old, white/brown – “found in road with wounds” – friendly, affectionate, sweet boy. Eligible for the shelter's Adult Companion Program.
Oliver – male, 7 months old, black – “transferred from Rochester Animal Services” – handsome, playful, affectionate.  

Daisy – female, 9 years old, white and black.  Daisy has had some tough breaks.  Her people moved away and left her behind.  The neighbors took her in until the shelter was able to take her.    She has a slight limp because of an injury when she was a kitten.  She manages fine and it doesn't hinder her.  An ideal home is with no other animals and a dedicated person.   Eligible for the shelter's Adult Companion Program

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