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Sadly, in this day and age it is necessary for us to publish a disclaimer to protect all the well meaning, responsible people involved in producing this website. 
Please read this disclaimer carefully.

The following disclaimer applies to all information found on the Bugsy's Animal Network website published by Judy Coene. Bugsy's Animal Network is a recreational website. Its author and the other contributors to the website do not make any representations with respect to the contents hereof and specifically disclaim any  implied or express warranties of merchantability or fitness for any particular usage, application or purpose. It is not responsible in any way for any transactions resulting from viewing or using the information included on this page. Every attempt has been made to insure the accuracy of the information of the website; however,  the website and its contributors are not responsible for any erroneous information that may inadvertently be included. 

The adoptable animals listed on this website are published with the full knowledge and permission of their respective shelters. In the cases of Pet Pride of New York, and the Animal Service League, the Bugsy's Animal Network has merely established a link between this and their respective websites. 

All information contained on the lists of animals is taken from the application forms filled in by the people who admit the animals at the Shelters' Admissions Departments and is a matter of public record. If those statistics say that the dog is "good with children", it is not an opinion expressed by the Humane Society or this webpage's volunteers; it is based on information supplied by the owner. Subjective, additional information, is often taken from the cage cards or notes publicly displayed on the animal cages. The intent of this information is often to improve visibility of an animal or to provide the reader with the best level of information available. Again, this information is public and merely reported by contributors to the website. If the website contributor expresses a subjective opinion in their listing, it is indicated as such and is not to be relied upon for transaction decisions.

The information contained in the Pet Friendly Apartment listings were obtained from public records or contacting the apartment complexes directly. Again, Bugsy's Animal Network is not responsible for any transactions resulting from the use of this information. 

Links: Links can be made, and in fact are encouraged, to any of these materials from your WWW pages, however, please LINK to the original documents. However, the author of Bugsy's Animal Network reserves the right to demand removal of links from other websites when the contents of the websites are considered objectional in nature. Printing of the lists of animals for posting is also encouraged. However, Bugsy's Animal Network is not responsible for any transactions resulting from these postings nor any disputes between those posting the materials and the posting location or medium.

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As per copyright regulations, "fair use" of selected portions of the material for educational purposes is permitted by individuals and organizations provided that proper attribution accompanies such utilization. Commercial reproduction or multiple distribution by any traditional or electronic based reproduction/publication method is prohibited. 

Material placed on this server does not necessarily reflect the views of Judy Coene or any of the other website contributors. Any mention of commercial products or services within these web pages is simply to be inclusive and does not constitute any endorsement. 

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