Please Adopt Responsibly

Please Adopt Responsibly from a Shelter, Rescue Group, or Breeder   

Recently, I was copied in on an email from someone looking for "someone who wanted to get rid of some kittens".  Then there was another email, saying they had free kittens ready for Easter!    

Please, Please, Spay and Neuter your Pets.  Since my website started in 1996, the cat situation is not better - it is worse.  There is no excuse not to spay/neuter.   Here is a list of resources.  Keep asking everyone until you get help.

My personal opinion, and I believe it is shared by most animal welfare professionals, is that any potential adopters SHOULD NOT  "help irresponsible pet owners " by taking kittens or puppies off of their hands.  Force these people to take the new born and mothers to the shelters! Force them to feel guilty about allowing these unnecessary births.    By helping owners "get rid of the litter" you are setting the stage for further litters by the same owners. Also, even if the newborns and the unspayed Mom Cat find homes, an equal number of cats/kittens/puppies/dogs  in some shelters die.  There are just not enough homes.   So any birth results in another death.  

IMPORTANT EXCEPTIONS:  There are, of course, exceptions - kittens and puppies born to pregnant cats that were rescued by good Samaritan or rescue groups.  These people are part of the solution and usually ensure that the Mom and kittens ultimately are spayed/neutered.   I personally would only adopt from a nonprofit.   Many good samaritan's are embraced by and become a foster home for a nonprofit.

FREE PETS:  Some people prefer to grab a free puppy or kitten using the excuse "it's free" I can't afford to adopt.   With adoption fees at many groups running $60 to $100 which includes all spay/neutering, shots, flea treatment, microchipping and a lot of other tests, this free excuse is ridiculous.  Adopting from a shelter or rescue is an INCREDIBLE BARGAIN.   If you can't afford $60 - $100.00 you shouldn't have  a pet because if you plan to do justice to the kitten, you will spend up to $1000 in the first year.  ADOPTING IS A BARGAIN.

Bottom line, do not rescue pets from an irresponsible person who has failed to spay / neuter their pet and allowed them to give birth.   Even if these people find homes for the newborns, another animal is being put to death.   It's pure and simple.  

Please, Please, Spay and Neuter your Pets and Adopt Responsibly!!!!!!

Note: Opinions expressed are those of Judy Coene only!
 Although many of the opinions are common across the animal welfare community, this editorial  in no way
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