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In order to insure your "Lost or Found Pet" is Posted in a Timely Manner, Bugsy's Network will no longer be posting them manually via email.  Craig's List has a Lost / Found Pet Page which is easy to use and enables the poster to remove or edit the posting as well as add photos.   It also will automatically delete your posting if you don't after a set period of time.   In this way your personal info will not live eternally on the web.

To Post a Lost or Found Pet Please Visit 
Lost & Found Pets on Craigs List Rochester  and in the top right corner click post.  Then you will get a list and select "Lost and Found".  (Note: there is an option to select "Pets" but that is a community page, not exclusive to Lost/Found Pets although you can do both).  Then you add your posting.   You will then be emailed by Craig's and be required just to click the link in the email to activate the listing.   That same email will help you edit/remove/add to the listing.   Good Luck to All\!
In addition, Please review additional the resources below
Microchip #

Lollypop Farms
Lost &
Found Pets 
Lost & Found Pets on
Craigs List Rochester

Pet Forum (lists lost pets) on
Craigs List Rochester
Check local

Post the Lost/
Found Pet - 
How to Find
Your Pet -
Courtesy G.R.A.S.P

Check your town's
Animal Control Officer
RAS - City Pound -Only
Required to keep pets 7 days by law;

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