Welcome to Bugsy's Animal Network.   My  mission, and that of our many contributors, is to promote the well-being and humane treatment of all animals, through our support of greater Rochester, New York, area shelters and rescue organizations.  Please note we do not take in pets, only promote those in local area organizations.       Email Bugsy & Judy  

Who Are Pet Celebrities?   The wonderful pets featured below are recommended by volunteers based on the most need, special
circumstances, or  simply overlooked and waiting in shelters the longest.  Please give them your consideration.  Many never get a home.
Rock is trained 1st level obedience and is  housebroken. The only problem is that he must be the only dog and have no cats in the home. That reason is why this poor boy has been waiting two years in boarding to find a home. It's hard for dogs that have to fly solo and Rock is one of them.  He is sweet and he was found on the streets of NYC about 3 years ago. A vet gave money to a homeless man when he saw the dog and the dog's mother being beaten. At that time Rock was a young puppy. The vet spayed and neutered the dogs and sent them to rescue. That was about 3 years ago and he has been waiting ever since.
Duffy's Friends, Inc
Wilson:  This poor guy has a back story of being left behind. He is almost 4 years old and has been in training for over two years so he is a great dog with now manners and personality. His only drawback is that he should not live with another dog. He can walk besides dogs or come close to dogs but he is doggie selective and we have decided lets just make him the only dog.  He is neutered and has all his vaccinations, bathed and ready for you. If you are looking for friend to take to the hiking trails or spin around the neighborhood for exercise this a a great dog for you. He is quiet, loving and just wants to be a good dog. Because he is mostly boxer with some pitbul you will see that he likes to stay close to your leg. That   Duffy's Friends, Inc

Comet is a male kitten, medium haired, born on 10/5/16. ~ If adopting a cat or kitten, we ask that you please bring a carrier to take your new Family member home, as they cannot leave the Shelter unless in a carrier.
 Friends of Orleans County NY Humane Society  Albion, NY  14411  585-752-2588 ocadoptions@aol.com
This is Jim, a 7 year old American Bulldog Mix,  who   has one eye. He was found on the streets and was in such horrible condition that his eye had to be removed. He is 9 years old and has been waiting for a home for over 2 years. He is housebroken and has been obedience trained first level. His dog trainer tells us he is a dog that is quirky and would best be adopted by an experienced adult with no children around. He is loving but has his moments and with the life he has been given - we can't blame him. Jim also has a prey drive and can't live with small dogs or cats. He has been boarded to save his life and we would like to place him with 6 lessons included. Once you completed the series of 6 lessons with our dog trainer we will refund you the donation of $100.00 for adoption.    Duffy's Friends, Inc
Retriever / Akita / Mixed -
The "B" Joyride puppies were born about September 23, 2016 and will probably weigh in the range of 40-60 lbs. and some possibly more as their sizes vary.  The high kill southern shelter asks to questions on intake as they feel it embarrasses the humans dropping off the dogs and they would rather have the dogs come there than what could happen elsewhere especially now that we are transporting so many of their dogs to the safety of the north. So...we are majorly guessing at the breeds of these pups and if you don't like surprises they are not for you  Joyful Rescues     716 372-3661  joyfulrescues@hughes.net  

Emma is a year old, 30 pound Beagle mix. She is a sweet little goofball and loves playing with people and other dogs. 
Emma was surrendered to a Kentucky shelter with her friend Earl simply because they were no longer wanted. The family surrendering Emma had no idea of her age and had not even given her a name...she was just "the dog". They had tired of her and wanted a new puppy for Christmas.  Emma is a doll. She's sweet, smart, spunky and fun. She appears to be house trained since she has had no indoor accidents.  Emma would be a great addition to any family. She has also been cat tested and approved!  Blue Moon Meadows  585-624-9328.

Truffles and her brother Bubba were born outside and then brought in by a resident. She is a sweet little thing who was very timid at first but has really come around. All HSLC cats have been vet checked and are FIV negative. They are all up to date on vaccines and all adult cats are spayed and neutered. Kitten adopters must agree to have kittens spayed or neutered by 6 months of age. Humane Society of Livingston County 585-234-2828  
Izzy is about 5 years old and weighs just over 40 pounds. This adorable girl will melt your heart with her sunshine smile and her sweet personality! Izzy will do best as an only pet. She seems friendly with all types of people (men, women, children, strangers) and would love a forever home where someone will snuggle in bed with her under the covers!  Humane Society of Wayne County  Lyons Shelter Location!  

Lilly and Bentley are Yorkie/ Shih Tzu mix bonded siblings. They were surrendered to a shelter in Ohio by a family with a toddler and another on the way, they felt Bentley was becoming aggressive toward the toddler, so for safety reasons they were surrendered. Bentley is an 11lb boy who thinks he is 111lbs, wants to be the Alpha no matter what size dog he encounters, but is his sister's protector and constant companion. He loves to have his ears rubbed and before you are even seated he is in your lap waiting for affection. He does NOT do well with other dogs, he has tried to establish dominance over his two foster sisters with no luck and is aggressive when Lilly tries to get near the other girls to play. He is a true big brother. Lilly is a little 8lb cuddle bug with a mind of her own, she is full of spunk and determination. She has not convinced her foster sisters to play with her yet but they are all getting to know each other Buffalo Pug & Small Breed Rescue Check out our amazing Sampson!! He is simply spectacular: rugged good looks, loves to snuggle (big time!), excellent kisser, great sense of humor, and not at all afraid to commit! He's basically the perfect guy. Right now, Sampson is looking for an exclusive relationship - he would prefer to be the only dog in your life. Sampson is seeking someone who is equally available emotionally.  Pitty Love Rescue,  (585) 376-0290; Email    
 Millie is a 4 year old Yorkie that has had a rough life. She came to us very scared and dirty from living in filth.. When she first arrived she wouldn't come near us but within a week she knew she was safe and has bonded quickly to me... she has formed such a bond that she feels she has to protect me from all the other dogs. We are offering her on a foster to adopt basis because we know even though the first meeting might not go well, if she is given a chance you will have a life long friend. We are only considering a family that fits the following list as we don't want her to be stressed by being passed around to families that aren't a good fit..... she would do best in a quiet home without any other dogs and without young children. She also needs a secure fenced area which doesn't have to be very big, as leash walking is an ongoing process. She is paper trained. She isn't a dog that will run and play but she is a great dog to cuddle and to be a lap dog once she knows she is safe and loved. She has been spayed and micro chipped. SusieQ Dog ResQ   papillon1254@rochester.rr.com Yolanda (YoYo for short) is a chunky mush of a girl. She is house-trained to a doggie door and isn't very fond of her crate. She is currently living with a few other dogs in her foster home but would be happier having her human all to herself.  SusieQ Dog ResQ        Email 
Miss Blackie is a 7 year old female domestic shorthair mix. She came from a home with too many pets. She's available free of charge to approved adopters, age 60 and over, through Lollypop Farm's Seniors-for-Seniors program.  Come meet this sweet girl! If you would like more information, please call 585-223-1330 or visit Lollypop Farm, the Humane Society of Greater Rochester  at 9 Victor Rd. in Fairport, NY.
This lovely, active senior lady is Princess!  And true to her name, she would love to be pampered and spoiled for the rest of her life!  Princess is about 10 years old, weighs 11 pounds and is now all ready to start her new journey.  She came to Nuts for Mutts with a large hernia, but that has now been repaired while she had her spay surgery and dental, so she is all good to go!  Princess loves to be with her people and will make an excellent lap warmer.  She is crate and house trained, gets along with other dogs and enjoys a nice walk.  Nuts for Mutts Rescue, Inc

Meet Amber! She is an 8 year old American Eskimo who weighs about 25 lbs. She came to us from an out of state shelter as an owner surrender. She just wants to love on her people. She loves to be in your lap and will come to you for petting. She is a quiet, well behaved girl. She is crate trained and gets along well with dogs and cats but needs a home with no small children. She does well on a leash and enjoys walks very much. She is house broken and does let you know when she needs to go out. If you are looking for a sweet quiet girl to add to your family, please consider this sweet fur baby to give her a forever home.
  Rescued Treasures Pet Adoptions    Email 

Meet Blitz he is a male black kitten who was born 7/31/16. He came to Keller's Kats Rescue with her mom Ari and sibling Boomer. All of them are also available for adoption.   Blitz is very sweet with a loud purr. She has grown up with dogs and children    Keller's Kats Rescue, Inc585-802-6454 (Karla)  Email

Molly is a Pit/American Bull Dog mix.  She was dumped in a parking lot where a friend of ours picked her up and brought her to me.  The President said that yes, we would take her and find her the home she deserves. Molly is under a year old and is the life of the party.   We call her the "Party Pit" because she is all about the party.  She plays in a pack of male and female dogs.  There isn't a mean bone in her body.  She just loves everyone and everything.   We are trying to teach her basic commands,  but because she can't sit still for more than a second, we have only been able to teach her sit and come.  She makes me smile all day long.   Brightstar German Shepherd Rescue

Sadie is a 7 year old Shepard mix. She is a sweet, mellow girl who wants to be loved and near her human family at all times! She has a foster brother that she loves, and she gets along with all the other dogs she's met. She has lived with and been around kids of all ages and does great! However, Sadie needs to go to a home where there are no cats. She knows her basic commands such as sit, stay and shake. She is not crate trained but is fully house broken and does fine left out while the fosters are gone. Her favorite thing to do is to go on a walk, so she would need an owner who enjoys this as well. She does sometimes need a few corrections when walking, but she is coming along great! Sadie would be a fit for almost any family! We are requiring her forever home has a fence since she was chained up most of her life, we would like to give her the opportunity to run and walk freely.  G.R.A.S.P (Greece Residents Assisting Stray Pets) - (585) 234-1953 
Ellie and Cletus are a bonded pair; they must be adopted together. Ellie is an 8 pound Pomeranian that is 6 years old. She is good with kids. She likes affection, playing in the yard. Cletus is an 8 pound tan Pomeranian chihuahua miix that is approximately 7 years old. He is three legged but he can get around the house and yard perfectly fine. Cletus is crate trained, laid back and good with kids    Rescued Treasures Pet Adoptions    Email
Fluffy came to us when a local animal control rep asked us to help with a cat who she secured earlier that day. Upon arrival at a remote construction site, workers heard loud crying come from a dumpster. With  help of animal control, an adult cat was found under the dumpster. It appeared he had broken free and escaped from his carrier that was thrown in the dumpster. In the dumpster, along with him and his carrier, were his toys, blankets, food dishes, litter pan and all of his belongings. He was thrown away. He was discarded like he was worthless trash with all of his supplies. He was left trapped to die slowly, alone and frightened. He was stressed, scared, soaking wet from the pouring rain, hungry, and severely matted..  Read more , click his name above.  Animal Service League 
Meet Rocky.  Note, the description below was written by his owner who had to relinquish him to
LiFeline Adoptions. 
"Rocky is ten when I adopted him. We have a real bond after a short time, but the doctor advised me to find a new home for him due to my allergies and existing health conditions.  He is lovable and smart. He knows his name and understand basic commands like "down". It might take a minute and he'll usually obey. He's a vocal kitty but his meow is very soft. He communicates with me asking to get on the sofa or bed with me, and for his morning treat of wet food. I crush one pill into his morning wet food for his thyroid condition. He always has around two cups of dry food out to nibble on along with fresh water. He loves treats and Rachel Rays Nutrish dry food.  www.LiFelineAdoptions.org
While not a lapcat with me, he loves physical closeness such as laying against you. He likes sitting in the window and looking outside. He loves to have his "rump" scratched, its his sweet spot! He's declared so there's no worry about damaged furniture. I think he would enjoy a scratching pad though.  Rocky is a wonderful companion. He is very social and will greet guests. Of course loud noises scare him. When he's ready for a nap often he'll find a cool place next to the wall by the bed or in a corner. He will let you know when he wants attention by talking to you. Occasionally he acts on his "inner kitten" and will run back and forth around the living room, his bells softly ringing.  

If you are looking for a stable, well behaved, gentleman and quiet loyal companion, Rocky is for you! He stole is current owners heart instantly! This guy is really special and at his very wise and wonderful age, he knows what he likes and wants. Please, he needs to be the only pet at home
Here comes Brickle, wagging her tail so hard her whole body wiggles as she anticipates meeting a new person! She loves to be pet and get belly rubs.  Brickle is a local dog who was physically abused. Her body has mended faster than her feelings about being touched and people approaching her when she is eating or has a treat. With patience, a steady routine, love, and high value treats (pepperoni), she now has positive feelings about people interacting with her. Brickle is an energetic explorer, jumping around when seeing birds, chasing squirrels running along the fence top or sniffing out the mouse under the deck. She loves flinging around her stuffed toys and playing games involving treats.  Brickle walks well on a leash with her Easy Walk Harness. Brickle stalks squirrels and cats rather than chasing after them like a maniac. With her nose to the ground, she moves from scent to scent. She will wait on command at intersections.     Black Dog Second Chance Rescue,      info@blackdogsecondchance.org
Remus is a friendly, happy boy. He gives head bumps and has a non-stop purr motor! He may need time to adjust, and may not do well with dogs or small children.   Volunteers For Animals /
Meatloaf is a white kitten with large black spots. She is a very lovable, playful kitten. She is the first to let you know she wants to eat or wants to be picked up. She has four sisters that she loves to play with. This cat has been combo-tested for Feline Leukemia and FIV, received a rabies vaccination along with all other age-appropriate vaccinations and is altered  G.R.A.S.P (Greece Residents Assisting Stray Pets) - (585) 234-1953 
Erin was born about October 19, 2013 and weighs about 60 lbs.  Sadly, no information is collected, or passed on, from the southern shelter and we will be learning as we go and so will you.  Erin, has been wonderful with all of us and with the other dogs.  Erin also did well with our cat test.  She is one really pretty Lab mix girl. 
I Will Adore You!    Joyful Rescues     716 372-3661  joyfulrescues@hughes.net 
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