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Welcome to Bugsy's Animal Network.   My  mission, and that of our many contributors, is to promote the well-being and humane treatment of all animals, through our support of greater Rochester, New York, area shelters and rescue organizations.  Please note we do not take in pets, only promote those in local area organizations.   Spay/Neuter Financial Help              Email Bugsy & Judy

Who Are Pet Celebrities?   The wonderful pets featured below are recommended by volunteers based on the most need, special
circumstances, or  simply overlooked and waiting in shelters the longest.  Please give them your consideration.  Many never get a home.
This is just a sample of the wonderful 2-3 month old kittens available for adoption at RAS.  Note, they go fast, so visit the shelter for the current selection.  Rochester Animal Services  This Week's Featured Cats   RAS Foste
Remember, it is always 2 fur 1 fee for cats at RAS for qualified homes.
   Meet Nixon, a 1 year old, Neutered, Pit Bull mix.   Nixon loves going on walks and seeing what’s going on around the neighborhood.  He likes to lean in close for pets and hugs and enjoys belly rubs, he also appears kennel trained.  Nixon will make a great hiking or walking buddy and will enjoy being part of the family fun.  He’d also enjoy going to obedience classes with his family to forge a strong bond of trust and to help him put his best paw forward.   Bugsy's Note:   I met him last Sunday at Petsmart.  What a gentle, living doll.  Laid at my feet, legs splayed, to cool off on the tile floor.   Rochester Animal Services  This Week's Featured Dogs     RAS Foster Dogs  
This is Faith  (formerly known as flapjack). She is a 10-12 year old female beagle mix. She was found abandoned by her family in an outside kennel in Kentucky. She was left for quite a long time with no food and water but miraculously survived. When finally rescued the shelter staff were surprised to find out she was such a sweet girl. Despite the fact she was literally starving to death she made sure to give her rescuers a kiss and show her gratitude before then pulling the grass out by the roots to eat. She is good with dogs of all sizes and cats. She loves people... She is a very affectionate girl and is free with her sloppy kisses.  Buffalo Pug & Small Breed Rescue  
Cash, a smooth fox terrier, is a friendly energetic boy! Cash would thrive in a home where he could run and chase a ball or frisbee. He loves to swim! He has nipped at children in the past so adult home only is required. He also has a terrier attitude- which includes hunting therefore a no cat home is a must. Cash has also shown us that he prefers to be top dog. Cash will do best in a home where he is the only pet and is able to be spoiled and loved as an only child! We picture him with a young active couple or single person. Someone who would spend time playing and exercising with Cash. Buffalo Pug & Small Breed Rescue  
Arnie is a cute little wired hair Doxie that the shelter found wandering and no one came to look for him. He is about 10-12 months old and he is almost a 100% of that breed. His legs are just a bit longer than they should be and that is actually a good thing! If you had to say how much of a mix he has is, its not enough to notice as doxie's do come in the wirehair coat variety.  He is sweet and likes playing with the other two foster dogs. They are all the same age so they are having fun!   He is housebroken and crates nicely. He is one of the most balanced dogs we have ever had. Nothing phases him and rolls      Read More.  Email   Duffy's Friends, Inc SAM - Neutered Male, White and Tiger DSH, 2 years. He is so lovable and so sweet.  He was found as a stray, but was obviously loved.  He is cute.  He has a cauliflower ear - think that means it got injured at some point.  Sam does need an experienced cat person.   He is slightly unpredictable.  When he wants down, or doesn't like being put into the cage, he will use his nails to make you let him go.   Very minor in the world of cats.  He does not have a mean bone in his body.  Some of this is play behavior.  No issues with any other cats; in fact he was with 13 kittens and other adults here and nary an issue - he kisses them.  Bugsys Note:   I know this boy and he is as cute as a button, loves to be pet, plays, and is still a kitten at heart.  Just no little kids, fine with other cats.   Very muscular guy, but pure at heart.  I work with him at Webser Petsmart (Wayne County Humane Society).  3 news Kittens and 1 Adult Arrived In Webster Petsmart on 8/6
Benzley is a 7 month old male hound mix who weighs 47 pounds.  He's a handsome guy who's looking for a home where any children are age 14 or over.  He'll need to take you to training classes which will promote a bond between you, help you teach him his manners, and provide him with the mental and physical stimulation he needs.  Bring everyone, dogs included, to meet Benzley at Lollypop Farm!  If you would like more information about Benzley (23407416) please call 585-223-1330 or visit Lollypop Farm, the Humane Society of Greater Rochester at 99 Victor Rd. in Fairport, NY.

Nelson is a 2 yr. old Blue Point Siamese ; He came to our rescue after being trapped in the City of Rochester and taken to a shelter He is extremely laid back and gets along great with other cats. ; He is okay with dogs as long as they don't show too much interest in him. If they come at him, he acts fearful and runs away. Nelson would thrive in a quiet home without children. ; He is a super sweet boy.  Man, what a dude!  Another Chance Pet Rescue
Sparky is a 3 year old male domestic shorthair mix. He's a handsome little ball of fluff and he's ready to go home to your house!  Come meet Sparky at Lollypop Farm! If you would like more information about Sparky (23399353) please call 585-223-1330 or visit Lollypop Farm, the Humane Society of Greater Rochester at 99 Victor Rd. in Fairport, NY. If you are looking for a sweet, affectionate, medium size dog, Abby is for you! She actually thinks she is a lap dog and loves to sit on her foster Mom's lap. Abby just loves to be pet and get attention. She is still somewhat a puppy, at just over a year old, with puppy energy and she can be somewhat mischievous. She knows basic commands like "sit" "down" "off" and "come." She is very smart and very eager to please. She is crate trained and housebroken. Abby is good with children: she is around a 4 year old boy often and is gentle and playful with him.   Black Dog, Second Chance   Read more and Contact
Duffy's Friends would like to introduce Spohie Snowshoe to you. She is between 8 to 12 months and she is a beautiful snowshoe mix! Her personality is to let roll with this program and she did not mind flying to rescue with 8 dogs. Her foster home tells me that dogs are no problem and she could care less. This girl can live with canines!  We have spayed her, tested her for FLV/ FELV and she is negative. She has all her vaccinations, worming and is sporting flea protection. She is ready for her new home. She is housed in Farmington and she won't show well at our PETCO meet and greets so lets set up a personal visit to introduce this great kitten to you. Her eyes are ice blue and her colors are Snowshoe so go to google and find out about this fabulous breed. The writer of this profile had a snowshoe and they are a great feline breed.
.  Email   Duffy's Friends, Inc
Upcoming Events to Benefit Nonprofit  Organizations
Ongoing: LiFeline Adoptions - Calendar of Microchipping Events - $25.00

Ongoing Calendar:  Lollypop Farm's Event Calendar
September 27The 17th annual Barktober Fest
September 27:  Rochester Hope for Pets:  The PhotoFinish 5K
October 18: Wayne County Humane Society Pasta Dinner & White Elephant Sale

Meet  Daisy Mae   a 4 Year Old Spayed Female . She was given to HSLC because her owner passed."Daisy Mae" is very loving, friendly and learning new tricks, as well as working on her "Bikini Diet". Available at  the  Humane Society of Livingston County 585-234-2828

Bogey was born about May 21 2011 and weighs about 35 lbs.  He is a Hound / Mixed short coat male.  CUTE in all his red freckles and speckles!   Bogey has been a very sweet boy and good with the other dogs.  He will adore his humans. Joyful Rescues  
This handsome, sweet boy is George, a 1 year old chow/lab/pit bull mix. George weighs 54 lbs. George was a stray that was very stressed out in the kennel environment so once his hold time was up and no one came to claim him, we were happy to take him into rescue. George is crate trained and appears house broken. He is currently fostered with 2 large female dogs and he gets along well with them. He loves to go for walks and loves to greet all the children along the way. Due to his size and activity level though, children 8 years or older would probably be best. George can also jump very high   Nuts for Mutts Rescue, Inc
Catniss is part of the August Adopt-a-thon. In hopes of helping her find a fur-ever home, the adoption fee has been reduced to $50 for a fully vetted cat including spaying. Please help Catniss by completing an adoption today.
We know the saying about black cats and bad luck, but we can guarantee you that Catniss will only bring you joy. She is a bit shy at first, but quite sassy once she gets to know you. She and her brother Peeta were born and living in a box on a porch this Fall before All Creatures rescued them. We thought they were worth the effort, don't you? Catniss is used to other cats and dogs in her foster home... won't you give her a chance of having a permanent home for once in her life?      Email  Marjorie @  All Creatures Big and Small 
Meet Remi, he is just under 1 year old, around 50lbs, neutered Lab mix. Remi could use to gain a few more pounds. He is very sweet and lovable, he would be a lap dog if he could. He does great with other dogs, kids and has been around cats. Remi seems to be very gentle but is energetic and will need daily exercise. He knows his basic commands, "sit", "heel", he is eager to learn and very trainable as long as you are willing to work with him. Remi loves his toys and will be a great ball catcher. He seems to love his baths and being brushed. If you are willing to love and devote time to him come meet him!    Rudy's Rescue -   Upstate NY Labrador Retriever Rescue 

Hey, Look ME Over!  Buddy was born about July 2, 2012 and weighs about 50 lbs.  He has the most soft, flowing, fur of anyone here!!!  When it's time to snuggle, this boy is all about it!!!   He is wonderful with the other dogs and has been a pleasure to all us humans.  Buddy is highly active and would do best in a home with another fun dog and a safe area in which to run and play.  This is about all we know so far. 

Joyful Rescues
Annie is about a 2 years old. She is housetrained and likes to be with you. My husband calls her the perfect "man's" dog. She likes to ride around in his pick up truck... loves to go hunting (squirrels are her specialty)... and doesn't mind being around power tools... if you are doing construction she is right by your side!! Her only drawback is she doesn't like most other dogs or cats.     SusieQ Dog ResQ (formerly Another  Chance Dog Ranch)  papillon1254@rochester.rr.com Meet Stella.   Stella is 4+ years old and a beautiful girl.  She likes playing with toys. She is dog selective. SHE DOES NOT LIKE CATS.  She does need work, she does not know any commands, she does try to counter surf looking for food, so she does know off. I'm trying to work with her.     For more information contact Kathy at   Brightstar German Shepherd Rescue

Get ready for Desiree, the traveling kitty from Ohio. Desiree is an incredibly sweet 1 year old girl who showed up on a kind lady's doorstep at the end of January, 2014. Currently, Desiree is in a PAWS foster home. She loves snuggles, belly rubs, and food. She's very affectionate and loves to be the center of attention. She's not a big fan of dogs, so she'd do best in a cat only household, but I promise if you give her the opportunity, she will brighten your life with her affection and sunny disposition.  Read More www.LiFelineAdoptions.org

Can you provide a sheltered, outdoor home with fresh food and water for cats removed from stray and/or feral colonies in Rochester, NY? These cats have all been tested for FeLV and FIV, have been spayed or neutered, have had rabies and distemper vaccinations, and have been dewormed. A barn would be great, but a shed, dog house or igloo would work too! It's so rewarding to offer a home to these poor displaced souls who face no other option but a desperate life on the dangerous city streets or euthanasia. We will work with you to get the cat set up and acclimated to the new location -- Please contact us at 585-234-0942 or by e-mail  right away if you can help!
  Another Chance Pet Rescue Bugsy's Note:   Nearly every rescue group needs people to offer outside/barn homes.  If you ever feel you can help one, email Bugsy.
Hi, my name is Pepsi and I was rescued  from Tennessee suffering from heart worm. Thanks to the VFA I am being treated and should be heart worm free soon! I am currently living with my foster family so that I can heal and rest. I enjoy taking long naps on my foster moms lap and giving lots of kisses to my foster family. I can be a little shy at first, but once I warm up I want to follow you every where I go! I never let my foster mom out of my sight! I love my foster doggie brother because he is little just like me! The cat is okay too. I do much better with adults...younger kids make me nervous. I hope one day I will Volunteers For Animals / Genesee County  Email
Meet snuggley Hazel! Hazel was found in the basement of abandoned house as a small baby. She was nursed back to health by her foster mom and is ready for her forever home. She is a teenager and likes to play so any resident dog must be able to tolerate our playful girl. Hazel has the ability to jump fences so her new home should have a 6 foot + privacy fence. This girl just wants someone to love her, she loves to nuzzle and gives sweet kisses. Her smushy little face is hard to resist!   Pitty Love Rescue,  (585) 376-0290; Email
 Baby is a petite 5 year old kitty, maybe not a kitten anymore, but she sure plays like one. Her markings on her face are such that she looks unique. She loves lots of attention, is very talkative, and brushing her is okay as long as she will allow it and that is called her "catitude". Her naps are a good part of her day and just laying in the window watching the outdoor activities seem to appease her. She would do well in a family with no other cats and no young children. As for dogs we are not really sure. Baby does sleep thru the night on her foster moms bed, but also has her own little bed when she chooses. She is a very loving kitty and would make for a good addition to your family.   G.R.A.S.P (Greece Residents Assisting Stray Pets) - (585) 234-1953 
Meet Peanut a 6 year old, female  lab mix (either with Doxie or Basset) and is 35 lbs but could use putting on a couple more. Peanut is young and heart and has a lot of energy and loves her walks with her foster Mom and Dad who are working on her leash manners. She is good with other dogs but can play rough so larger dogs are best, she also loves playing with her toys and needs a fenced in yard to run in .   Rescued Treasures Pet Adoptions    Email 
Scrappy is a 2-3 year old English Bull mix. He is a friendly, happy guy that has a smile for everyone!
. Another Chance Pet Rescue 234-0942
Jessy is a gorgeous kitten that is as adorable as she is sweet. It was discovered while she was under for her spay that she has a slight heart murmur but it doesn't effect how much she plays or loves her human...she does have a special adoption fee due to it though. She is fostered with dogs as well as other cats and children and loves everyone. She was rescued from a local shelter where she was dumped too young to be adopted. She is now old enough to be adopted into a loving forever home- could it be yours?.
  Rescued Treasures Pet Adoptions, (585) 210-2509  Email
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